Happy New You – Peshawar

Every New Year brings in new opportunities and challenges, this time around the corner in Peshawar, it was Youth Impact’s Peshawar Chapter which privileged the youth of the region with an event, full of lessons, Happy New You!

The purpose of this event was to familiarize attendees on how to set goals, its types and its significance on one’s life.

The event started formally with recitation of verses from Holy Quran by Junaid Khusham. Peshawar Chapter Head Sabur Ud Din welcomed the guests and the audience and shared the motive of the event. Maria Jabeen Awwal – Manager Alumni Engagement talked about the work Youth Impact has been doing all over Pakistan. She also talked about Akhuwat, the efforts it has made towards a poverty free society.

Malak Abrar Ahmad Khan CEO Balooshe (Policy maker, entrepreneur), who is also a Markhor alumni, was invited to the stage. He inspired the attendees by sharing his Markhor journey and his life story that how he founded umbrella and Balooshe , which was very relate-able for all the attendees as it had the blends and curves which every youth faces. 

Mr. Qaiser Khan CEO virtue Max, software engineer university of Texas, CTO Balooshe gave a brief talk about goals setting and its process. Mr. Bilawal Khan – Executive Director Umbrella Brands Pvt Ltd. (Career Counsellor, Entrepreneur) also facilitated the goal setting workshop. Towards the end, participants set their new year goals and made resolutions with the help of facilitators.

The event was held at Institute of Management Sciences.

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