Youth Engagement for Global Action

With the world marching towards globalization, human problems are no longer locally confined. An event in one part of the world has direct or indirect implications on the rest of the world. A glaring example is the existing global health emergency prompted by the outbreak of Virus in Wuhan, China. Since issues are no longer isolated and local, a global response mechanism is warranted by the international populace. World leaders need to recognize the urgent need of global action and take serious measures to strengthen international institutions like the UN, WHO, WTO, etc. along with greater space for INGOs to play their part for making this world a better place. 

An important element of the entire Global Action process is the integration of the youth into the response mechanism. As the world faces global crises like Climate Change, Environmental Catastrophe, Trade Wars, Military and Nuclear Proliferation, etc., the need for dynamic leadership to raise awareness, unite and lead the global populace is more than ever before. Since the world is to be inherited by the future generation, it is only sensible to engage the youth which is the biggest stakeholder in the future of this world. Moreover, the youth has proved that it is more aware and responsible by holding campaigns in favour of environmental protection, refugees and anti-war demonstrations around the world. France witnessed the biggest campaign ever seen in relation to halting the Climate Change process to safeguard the future of Mother Earth. These are few of the many cases where the youth has proved its importance and relevance in shaping the future. An important question, however, is how is the youth going to be engaged to achieve global action. The answer to this question lies in a multi-pronged approach that involves formation of cross-cultural youth action forums like Global Changemakers, employing technology to reduce the communication gap between the youth, engaging these forums with international institutions like the UN, WHO, etc and giving voice to their aspirations in these institutions. These steps would achieve the necessary integration of youthʼs voice in the global socio-political and environmental discourse. 

Youth are the future and the sole inheritors of the world. It is the youth that shall reap the produce of what is cultivated today. It is, therefore, only sensible to engage them to achieve an inclusive global action.

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