Month: January 2023

Camp Himalayas Concluded

Yaqeen, Amal and Aman; a journey commenced in mountains to be continued forever. Camp Himalayas is a journey of Yaqeen, Amal and Aman. A journey that commence with Yaqeen (Self believe), and continues by the passion of Amal (ceaseless efforts) to acquire the ultimate goal, Aman (freedom from disharmony). This self believe starts in wilderness, …

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Markhor 2022

Markhor; a hidden resilience within ourselves. It’s the journey of knowing yourself from yourself. This is a never-ending journey of rejuvenating the purpose of your life, the reason you were sent in this world. Once you connect with your Markhor spirit, you learn to look ahead rather than backing out on the challenges of life. …

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Soul Freedom Kicked Off in Karachi

Rehabilitation of Juvenile Offenders is a pilot project proposed by Youth Impact in Karachi, Pakistan, aimed at providing sustainable rehabilitation to juvenile offenders at Karachi Juvenile Jail. The project aims to empower these young offenders with the skills, resources, and networks they need to rehabilitate themselves, both psychologically and financially, after they are bailed out …

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