Camp Himalayas Concluded

Yaqeen, Amal and Aman; a journey commenced in mountains to be continued forever.

Camp Himalayas is a journey of Yaqeen, Amal and Aman. A journey that commence with Yaqeen (Self believe), and continues by the passion of Amal (ceaseless efforts) to acquire the ultimate goal, Aman (freedom from disharmony).

This self believe starts in wilderness, out of comfort zone, where, with each passing minute the individual transforms into a better version of themselves. Having nature in the surrounding, connected intellection , assigned tasks  and overcoming challenges, all these work as fire to mould the individual into pure aurous. Once the self believe is inculcated, the urge to act sparks and that fuels the ceaseless efforts to bring a positive change in society. With continuous efforts; either small or big, peace becomes the destiny.

The whole Camp Himalayas is designed on exclusive approach, from norm setting to map navigation, cooking competition, rock climbing, trekking, walk above clouds and all such (apparently) risky and thrilling experiences holds meaningful learnings, indirectly convey peace values. Sessions from experts on crucial aspects of life and civilization make it more thought provoking and provide valuable life lessons.

Another element that makes camp Himalayas unique is the diversity of participants, aged between 17-24. So far, 400 participants from five geographical regions, 63 districts, 139 institutions, speaking 25 native languages and representing 3 religions (Muslim, Hindu and Christian) all included under one umbrella – Camp Himalayas.

The most effectual advantage of this diversity is taken of in the second phase of Camp Himalayas, where these 400 Youth Impactors, Change-makers and Peace-builders multiply the impact of this fellowship. These Impactors keenly observed peace disturbing issues, analyzed the gravity of those issues and carried out actions to tackle them. Cumulatively, 10,996 beneficiaries residing in 31 different cities have benefited through 365 seminars and 58 Social Action Projects conducted by the participants.

This amplified impact  brings you to the other side of stage where the vision of Peaceful Human dwelling lies. Where the unceased efforts succeeded to attain the goal, actualized only by the trust in the vision.

At Camp Himalayas, we have dreamed for a beautiful, peaceful and progressive Pakistan and our young leaders, through their action are making it a realty.