Markhor 2022

Markhor; a hidden resilience within ourselves. It’s the journey of knowing yourself from yourself. This is a never-ending journey of rejuvenating the purpose of your life, the reason you were sent in this world. Once you connect with your Markhor spirit, you learn to look ahead rather than backing out on the challenges of life. It provides mindfulness to adapt to the hard conditions with limited resources. It provides a realistic approach towards the hardships and the process of walking through them.

Markhor conference is designed to polish the young souls, by self and motive exploration to enhance them into young leaders. It strives to build-up confidence and self-belief by engaging them in experiential learning. The youth tend to impact nationwide through social and media entrepreneurships. Therefore, all these objectives result in a Markhor spirit!

This beautiful journey includes experiential learning where delegates have a hands-on experience of hardships up in the wilderness. These hardships not only include limited resources but the diversity of humankind. They experience patience, cooperation, and emotional maturity!

The delegates go through two phases; an online phase where they intend to work for the society, plan their motives and work on their projects to positively gain confidence in themselves and also to overcome community crises, an on-ground phase, where they strive to live in the mountainous terrains with limited resources, diverse team members, along with multiple physical and emotional challenges.

The last ten years of markhor have impacted a great number of young leaders. Word has been spread to 263 institutions, and 6 diverse religions. Approximately 700 volunteers were engaged during these years with 114 projects on board. It consists of 72 alumni districts, and 11 city chapters, impacting 39% females and leaving a mark on 121 cities of Pakistan.