Soul Freedom Kicked Off in Karachi

Rehabilitation of Juvenile Offenders is a pilot project proposed by Youth Impact in Karachi, Pakistan, aimed at providing sustainable rehabilitation to juvenile offenders at Karachi Juvenile Jail. The project aims to empower these young offenders with the skills, resources, and networks they need to rehabilitate themselves, both psychologically and financially, after they are bailed out of jail. The project will target a batch of approximately 20 youthful offenders who have been bailed out of the Central Jail of Karachi. These offenders often face challenges such as being labeled as criminals, poverty and deprivation at home, and social circles that may encourage further wrongdoing. To address these challenges, Youth Impact proposes a comprehensive intervention that focuses on each segment of the offenders’ life cycle, including engagement with them while they are still in the juvenile center and a follow-up plan once they are bailed out. The goal of the project is to bring improvement in the lives of the targeted juvenile offenders and to reduce the rate of violent extremism and crime in society through the socio-economic empowerment of the youthful offenders. The objectives of the project include designing and implementing activities such as mentoring and psychotherapy sessions, upgrading skills, and financing to improve the financial state of the offenders. The project also aims to engage with the offenders while they are still in the juvenile center and to have a follow-up plan once they are bailed out to provide ongoing support for their rehabilitation.