Education and the Poor Learning Conundrum

Education has the power to change lives. It is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. That’s what Nelson Mandela said, one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen. But in a country like ours, where education is a privilege and not a fundamental human right, how do we initiate change? How do we expect to have leaders like Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali Jinnah who will lead the winds of change?

Pakistan has one of the world’s highest rates of children out of school. Today, more than 26 million children do not have access to education, and those who do are not provided with quality education and lack basic skills. Moreover, the country has a female literacy rate of only 49% which leads to a lack of women in the labor force, resulting in a major loss of potential productivity.

In such desperate times, when the economy is failing and there’s this bleak hopelessness that has surrounded us, what do we do? How can we, us common people, pave the way for change? How can we help the situation when we do not have the power and authority to change the world?

But that’s where we’re wrong. If education has what it needs to change the world, then we are the beholders of change. If education is the most powerful weapon, then we are equipped to wage a war against illiteracy and ignorance. With Learning Ka Wheel.

LKW, short for Learning Ka Wheel, is an initiative by Youth Impact to train and educate young students in less privileged areas and enhance their interpersonal skills, health and hygiene as well as develop skills like problem-solving and critical thinking in their daily life to pave their way towards a better future. The program consists of 4 modules, based on Health, Finance, Personality and Digital Literacy; all key elements to empower students to become stronger individuals along with responsible citizens.

LKW provides a holistic approach towards education, developing financially independent and confident individuals who are ambitious learners and aspire to serve their community. As of 2023, LKW has been successful in training 2600 students from 86 schools in a span of 6 months. However, the story doesn’t end here. Youth Impact is currently on a mission to completely eradicate illiteracy and all the problems it comes with, aiming to train 1.2 million students through the Learning Ka Wheel by 2030, helping them build the life they deserve!

This World Education Day, how about you play your part in making this mission possible?

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