Institutional Programs

Educational Institutions are the place for young people to seek knowledge. Youth Impact partners with leading schools and universities to impart life and leadership experience for the young learners. We believe that nothing prepares students for the Real Life like Real World Experiences.  
Schools Programs:

  1. True North
  2. Formula 1
  3. Happy New You
  4. Rising Teens
  5. CampAction
  6. Winning Together
  7. Junior Survivor
  8. Selfie Time
  9. Go Girls
  10. Be Your Best
  11. Leadership Adventures
  12. Girls on Adventure
  13. Global Leadership Adventures

Higher Education Institutional Programs:

  1. Be Your Best
  2. Get Set Go
  3. B-School Leadership Adventures
  4. Diploma in Leadership
  5. Social Leadership Program
  6. 21st Century Learning Symposium
  7. Leadership Adventures
Institutional Programs Youth Impact