Markhor- Pakistan's Premium Wilderness-based Youth Leadership Conference which aims to develop interpersonal and social leadership skills amongst youth to help them become the best version of themselves so that they can contribute to the growth of society.

Every year a good number of youth participate in Markhor to aspire themselves with ‘Markhor Spirit’ – which stimulates,

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Brief Glance of Markhor

About Us
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Markhor 2022 will be held in two Phases

PHASE 1: A virtual training by field expert mentors that will equip the delegates with digital and real-life skills, this phase includes personality and professional development sessions followed by social action projects in which participants experience practical learning and keep the wheel of learning moving to create a positive impact in our nation.
Dates: Aug - Venue: Online

PHASE 2: Consists of exciting 5 days of wilderness camping full of adventurous learning activities in which participants will be exposed to experiential learning in a nature classroom on the mountain top to inculcate Markhor spirit in them.
Dates: 1st Dec, 22 - Venue: Lower Himalayas

Age Limit 17- 25 years old

Theme: Pakistan has a huge youth bulge of 64% which needs to be directed in the proper direction. This year’s Markhor will be focusing on training the youth to pave their energy in the right direction through both virtual and on-ground training. The delegates will apply those learnings in execution of nationwide social action project, “Learning Ka Wheel” through which they will be able to uplift young underprivileged senior school students by doing their capacity building, to develop their core competencies and hence ultimately contributing to the development of society.

About Us

Key Aspects of Markhor 2022:
Delegates get to have a Virtual training of important skills needed to conduct social action projects in the societies and to experience for 4 days experiencing:

About Us

Fee For Markhor: The fee for the whole conference will be 100k PKR. Although you initially just have to pay 10,000 PKR to reserve your seat then a plan will be shared with you through which you will pay your fee. After paying the complete fee your seat will be confirmed and you will be eligible to become part of the markhor journey..

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