Our Brand

Our Brand


Eagle is the symbol of strength, vision, freedom, pride, nobility, courage and leadership. Our youth takes inspiration from the freedom and flight of this graceful creature.


The blue in Youth Impact is the vastness of sky in which the young eagles flies with freedom and the boldness of blue inspires our youth with strength of character, integrity, confidence, stability, faith, and peace.


What color, better than red speaks up for the passion, emotions, energy, courage and leadership our youth carry. This red bar in the motion symbolizes action, progress and optimism that we carry, promote and radiate at Youth Impact


The most strategic and valuable asset of our nation. The reason for our existence. Vibrant, bold and courageous, progressive and connected with self, others, nature and Creator – the Youth, without which we as a nation and organization are nobody


What’s the most ‘IMP’ortant is the power of ACT of our youth. We fulfil the purpose of life, when we realize what’s most important, and we start acting upon. At individual level Impact is the ‘mindset’, at organizational level it’s our ‘culture’, and at societal level, it’s the ‘meaningful contribution’ that makes us unique

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Corporate Color Break Up Guideline For Different Medium

Color Print Web Film
C - 100
M - 60
Y - 0
K - 0
005CA9 R - 0
G - 92
B - 169
C - 0
M - 100
Y - 100
K - 0
E63312 R - 230
G - 51
B - 18

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