Our Story

We have opened our eyes to a dark cloudy night, where the stars are dimmed, and light is not seen anywhere. Are we going to live like this forever? The answer we heard in the voice of little kids in a primary school gathered under a tree, raising their unwashed yet innocent hands in the air and praying in their loud voices.

Listen! What are they saying? I, a kid in this village, can’t change the state of affairs, but I can at least make my life a candle that spreads light everywhere. So why can’t we be the candle, the light, the hope? And that’s where this journey begins to light one candle at a time.

In the last ten years, we have seen the candle lighted up by a cancer survivor – the founder of this movement – enlighten 26,000 + hearts and souls. We have witnessed lights joining in from every corner, every segment of society. Be it the founding Board of Directors or Executive Committee (XCOM), the Friends of Youth Impact or the Core Team of youth leaders, renowned legends of Pakistan like Saad Tariq Siddiqi, Dr Amjad Saqib, Dr Abdul Bari Khan or just a youth living in Lyari, Ghanche, Panjgur or Mirpur.

We have seen youth stepping forward, channelizing their youthful energy, becoming role models, and building on their strength of character and leadership. We have embarked upon a spiritual journey which has revolutionized hearts, minds and souls. These young lives have lit up themselves and directed their passion towards character-based and purposeful leadership for the despairing nation.

Not just the Himalayas, Plain and Plateaus, deserts and beaches of Pakistan, but the entire globe has experienced our impact, where Youth Impact has left its footprints from the highest peak in Africa to the Great Barrier Reefs in Australia. Be it the Peaks in Rockies or Streets of Istanbul; our leadership classroom has been everywhere where we found youth ready to take the lead. Our profound journey took us across five continents on earth.

Wilderness and Experiential
Learning is our mantra!

But one thing Youth Impact feels proud to be known for is its heartfelt contribution to the most challenged communities. Be it Juvenile Jails, street children, youth from Balochistan or Madrassahs, reaching out and designing transformational experiences for all socio-economic segments has been at the core of our mission. We know them as our Society Programs. Binding ourselves to empower the world’s youth, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2022-23 with a next dream to spring up 1.2 million Youth Leaders by 2030. We believe the way Youth Impact has survived all the peaks and valleys. It’s time to consolidate our efforts for scalable, sustainable and measurable impact in the coming years. From our vantage point, having trained 26,000+ youth from 100+ institutions and 55 districts of Pakistan, we are seeing a bright and beautiful day, where the present state of darkness is just an indicator of a dazzling light ahead. We stand firm as we put our faith in our Creator and hope in our Youth. We see a better, prosperous and peaceful Pakistan in the hands of our youth leaders. Every youth is light and hope. Every youth is Pakistan.