the founder

Abdul Samad Khan (ASK)

A Passionate Dreamer, Optimistic Believer, Cancer Survivor, Free-spirited Traveler, Lifelong Learner…who has dedicated second life to empower youth – who call him ASK

ASK, the founder & CEO of Youth Impact has dedicated his second life to empower youth of the world. He is first Pakistani to graduate from National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), USA, which led him to train youth leaders across the five continents on earth. His leadership classrooms included Kilimanjaro Peak, Langkawi Islands, Maria Islands, Great Barrier Reef, Rocky Mountains, Coastal beaches of Makran and the stunning Himalayas and Karakorum ranges in Pakistan. In last two decades, ASK has trained corporate leaders from Pakistan’s top national and multinational companies in the wilderness.

Internationally, ASK has been a Leadership Fellow at Stanford University’s ‘Executive Program for Not-for-profit Leaders’, Leadership Fellow at South East Asia Leadership Academy, Fellow at Executive Endeavor Fellowship by Australian Government, worked with20+ youth organizations and camps in Australia, Fellow at ‘International Visitors Leadership Program’ (IVLP) by US State Department and has trained youth leaders across five continents on the earth. ASK is the contributing author in ‘Adventure Programming and Travel for 21stCentury’ a text book on outdoor leadership trainings published in USA. Also he has authored “Markhor–in the search of unseen”–a fiction adventure book for youth leadership development by Daastan Publishing, 2022.


Hasan bashir (hB)

HB is the Power Engine of Youth Impact since 2012, who has designed, executed and lead the nationwide operations of Youth Impact ranging from the beaches of Makran coast up to high-rise Himalayas. His motto is to make it happen, no matter what! As a co-founder of Youth Impact, HB is the linchpin to bind together the network of youth leaders all across the nation.


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Nisar Moosa


Hamza Naseem Iqbal